Digital Growth Consultancy & Management

Hi Buddy!

I'm Göktürk. I have been consulting them on various issues for the growth of businesses in the digital world for 5 years. I spent 3 years of my 5 years of experience working in performance marketing agencies.

So far, I have managed a total budget of more than 25M$+ in digital channels. I supported 10+ big brands in both growth marketing and performance marketing.

  • I have worked with brands in the fields of Mobile App & Mobile Games, E-commerce, SME, B2B, SaaS and Tourism.

You can grow your business with the right roadmap, the right expectations and the right operation at the right time.

"Growing up in the digital world is like fishing. If you have never fished before, sail into the sea with those who know how to fish."

I'm good at fishing! (Actually it is :) )

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